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American Holidays Houston
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California   Stories

Burning Mustard Catalina The Island of Romance
A Babe in L.A. The horse and camera story
Mary Pickford Pipe city
Those Naughty Nataquans The Californian

More California Stories

Honest Harry Pisco Punch
Cross-dressing in Old San Francisco How to Win an Oscar
The Case of the Delta Drifter The Crash of the Macon
St. John the Backpacker The Wizard of Santa Rosa
The Power of the Prune Ode to the YOyo


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And the Rest of the Stories


 40 Vigilante Justice       Audio 72 Life on the Sacramento
42 Echos and Ghosts       Audio 74 San Ardo and the Bean
44 The Hunblest gift 76 Down in the Downey
46 The Great Sneak mystery 78 The Joy of Bookmaking
48 Before Spago Before Stars 80 Nude Dudes on the Bay
50 The Rivalry 82 Driving Mr. Earl.
52 The Dashaway Society 84 October in Oxnard
54 The Ears are Moving 86 Big Alma
56 The Polish Goldfish 88 La Bamba
58 Deaz de Fiesta 90 Justice Denied
60 Escape from Alcatraz 92 On the Farm with JFK
62 Wars and Rumors of War 94 The West Coast of Iowa
64 A Statuesque Californian  
66 Coming up Roses 96 The Flood on the Hill
68 Of  Strikes and Spikes 98 Jesus of the Earthquakes
70Mother of a University