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Sarah Smith, a Pasadena resident, went shopping. She is 30, and has lived at 3037 N. Main Street since 1992. Sarah has been married to Bill for seven years. They have two children; Bob is five years old and Nancy is three. Sarah owns a 1995 four-door blue Toyola. At 9 a.m., Sarah got into her car and drove to Barget, a department store a mile away.

Barget was having a holiday sale. Sarah bought a four-slice toaster for $29.95 plus tax. The regular price was $39.95. She paid by check. On her way home, Sarah stopped at MilkPlus to buy a gallon of nonfat milk. The milk was $3.50. Sara got 50 cents back in change.

Sarah arrived home at 10 a.m. Bill and the kids were still sleeping. She woke them up and then made a hot and nutritious breakfast for everyone.


resident lakós
shopping vásárolni
married házas
children gyerekek
four-door négy-ajtós
department store árúház
holiday sale ünnepnapi kiárusítás
four-slice négy szeletes
toaster kenyérpirító
regular price rendes ára
pay by check csekkel fizetni
nonfat milk zsírmentes tej
change aprópénz
cash készpénz
nutritious tápláló


Sara elment bevásárolni

Bill és Sara tíz éve házasok

Sara beszállt a kocsiba

Az árúház 5 merföldnyire van

John készpénzzel fizetett

Practice Expressions

Where did Sarah live?

Did they have children?

What kind of car did Sarah drive?
Where did Sarah go to shop?

Who was Sarah's husband?

How long have they been married?

What did they eat for breakfast?


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A 79-year-old man was slightly injured on Saturday while waiting in his brand new convertible in a drive-through lane at Burger Prince restaurant. Herman Smith of Northville suffered a mild burn about 9:00 p.m. when a young female employee accidentally spilled a cup of coffee into his lap. Smith said the coffee was hot but not scalding.

He refused medical aid, saying the only problem was the stain on his slacks, but it would wash out. He was given a fresh refill. Before Smith drove off, the restaurant manager, John Johnson, gave him two free gift certificates-one for an extra-large coffee and one for the restaurant's newest sandwich, the McRap.

The employee, who was a new hire, was let go later that evening. She was quite upset. She said she would probably sue Burger Prince for letting her go. She said it was the man's fault for ordering something that she might be able to spill.

injured megsérült
brand new egészen új
convertible nyitott tetejű
drive-through autós vendéglő
suffered elszenvedni
accidentally véletlenül
spill kilöttyenteni
lap öle v.kinek
scalding forró
stain folt
slacks nadrág
refill feltölteni
drive off elmenni
gift certificate ajándék utalvány
employee alkalmazott
new hire új alkalmazott
let go elbocsájtani
fault hibája v.kinek
Egy nyitott tetejű kocsiban megsérült egy ember
A kocsijával egy auto vendéglőbe ment.
A kávé amit vett túl forró volt.
Egy női alkalmazott véletlenül az ölébe döntötte a kavét.
Feltöltötte e kavéját.
Kapott egy ajándékutalvány egy nagy bögre kavéra
Az új alkalmazott el lett bocsájtva


What happened to the 79 year old man?
What kind of car was he driving?
When did he suffer the injury?
How did the injury happen?
What did he reveive in compensation?
What happened to his pants?

Practice Expressions



Six consecutive days of spring rain had created a raging river running by Nancy Brown’s farm. As she tried to herd her cows to higher ground, she slipped and hit her head on a fallen tree trunk. The fall knocked her out for a moment or two. When she came to, Lizzie, one of her oldest and favorite cows, was licking her face. The water was rising. Nancy got up and began walking slowly with Lizzie. The water was now waist high. Nancy’s pace got slower and slower. Finally, all she could do was to throw her arm around Lizzie’s neck and try to hang on. About 20 minutes later, Lizzie managed to successfully pull herself and Nancy out of the raging water and onto a bit of high land, a small island now in the middle of acres of white water.

Even though it was about noon, the sky was so dark and the rain and lightning so bad that it took rescuers another two hours to discover Nancy. A helicopter lowered a paramedic, who attached Nancy to a life-support hoist. They raised her into the helicopter and took her to the school gym, where the Red Cross had set up an emergency shelter.

When the flood subsided two days later, Nancy immediately went back to the “island.” Lizzie was gone. She was one of 19 cows that Nancy lost. “I owe my life to her,” said Nancy sobbingly.



spring rain tavaszi eső
raging  river rohanó patak
herd cows teheneket terelni
tree trunk fatörzs
knocked out v.kit eszméletlenni ütni
came to magához térni
licking nyalogatni
waist high derék magasságú
pace menet ütem
throw her arm átkarolni
to hang on v.miben megkapaszkodni
successfully sikeresen
a bit of land egy kis száraz föld
acres of water hodakra kiterjedő víz
white water habzó víz
even though annak dacára
rescuers mentősök
discover felfedezni, kitalálni
attach to life support életmentü szerkezethez
school gym iskolai tornaterem
shelter menedékhely
owe tartozni v.kinek v.mivel
was gone eltült
Hogyan sérült meg Nancy?
Hogyan sikerült kimenekünie az árvízből?
Ki mentette őt ki a szigetről és hogyan?
Három órába került hogy kimentsék a szigetről.


How did Nancy get injured?
Did Nancy have many cows?
How high was the water?
What did Nancy hang on to!

Practice Expressions



A fifteen-year-old boy was injured in a car accident when the minivan he was traveling in was hit by a pickup truck at an intersection. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital. The paramedics said that it appeared that the boy had nothing more serious than a broken left leg, but that internal injuries were always a possibility. The boy was conscious and alert. His mother, who was driving, was uninjured. She said that the truck appeared out of nowhere, and she thought she was going to die. She turned the steering wheel sharply to the left, and the truck hit her minivan on the passenger side.

The driver of the truck was a 50-year-old man who was unemployed and apparently had been drinking. The police found 18 empty beer cans inside the truck. The man denied drinking, but he failed the police test for sobriety. When asked to touch his nose with his arms outstretched and eyes closed, he was unable to touch any part of his head.

The handcuffed man asked the police if they knew where “Mabel” was as he was put into the back seat of the police vehicle. The police asked him if Mabel was his wife. He said, “She’s my dog, my dog! Where’s my baby?” A dog with a collar, but no identification, was found minutes later, half a block away. The man was taken to the city jail and booked on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and on causing an accident.


accident baleset
alert éber
apparently úgy látszott
collar ing nyak
conscious eszméletlnél lenni
deny letagadni
failed elbukott
hospital kórház
identification azonosítás
injured sérült
intersection utca kereszteződés
intoxicated berugott
jail börtön
outstreched kinyújtott
passenger utas
possibility lehetőség
serious sülyos, komoly
sharply élesen
sobriety józanság
suspicion gyanú
truck teherautó
vehicle jármű
unemployed munkanélküli



Egy 15 éves fiú balesetbe került.
Egy minivan beleszaladt a kocsijukba.
Az édesanyja vezete a kocsit, annak semmi baja nem lett.
A fiu bal láb törést szenvedett.
A minivan vezetője egy kicsit részeg volt.
Őt nagyon izgatta mi lett a Mabel sorsa.
De a Mabel nem is a felesége volt, hanem a kutyája.


Practice Expressions


How old was the young boy?
What injuries did the boy suffer?
Where did the minivan come from?
How was the young boy injured?
Who was driving the car?
What injury did the mother suffer?
Who was dreiving the minivan?
What happened to the driver of the minivan:


Jerry Baldwin was 30 years old. He was the manager of a pizza restaurant. He lived in an apartment about one mile north of the restaurant. He walked to and from work. When it was raining, he took the bus.

Jerry loved gangster movies. When a new one came out, he would go to the theater and watch the new movie three or four times. Then, when it went to video, Jerry would buy the video at Barney’s Video Store. Jerry had a home collection of over 1,000 gangster videos. Old ones, new ones, color, black and white, English, Spanish, Japanese--he loved them all. He could tell you the name of the movie, the director, the stars, and the plot. Did you say you liked “Pulp Fiction”? Well, Jerry would rattle off all the details of that movie. And then he would invite you to his place to watch it some time. He was a nice guy.

Jerry finally decided that he would like to own a gun, just like the gangsters. So he saved his money for a couple of years. Then he went to a gun store and bought a used .38 caliber revolver for $300. While there, he also bought a couple of boxes of ammunition. The following Saturday morning, he went to the gun club to practice with his new revolver. He was in the club for only 10 minutes when he accidentally dropped his pistol. The gun went off, and the bullet went into Jerry’s right knee.

Jerry now walks with a limp and a cane, just like some gangsters.

ammunition lőszer
bullet golyó
cane sétabot
collection gyűjtemény
decide elhatározni
detail részlet
director rendező
finally végülis
gangster bűnöző
gun club lövölde
invite meghívni
knee térd
limp sánta
pistol pisztoly
plot cselekmény
rattle off felsorolni
revolver forgópisztoly

Jerry nagyon szeretett videokat nézni

Munka után mindig a video üzletbe ment.

Fóleg gangszter viedokat nézet.

Minden gengszter filmnek ismerte a szereplőit, a rendezőjét és a cselekményét.

Annyira bent volt a gengszter filmekbe, hogy pénzt gyüjtött egy fegyverre.

Vett is magának egy forgópisztolyt.

Szombatonként kiment fegyver klubba gyakorolni lőni a revolverrel.

Egyszer aztán belelőtt a térdébe.

Azóta sántit a Jerry



Practice Expressions


What was Jerry' occupation?
Where did he live?

How did he go to work?

What was Jerry's favorite hobby?

What kind of videos did Jerry watch?

What did Jerry do with money he saved?

How did Jerry spend his Saturday mornings?